Self Supporting Lattice Designs

Self Supporting Lattice Designs High volume production requires consistency and printability of a self-supporting lattice structure.  If achieved, a self-supporting structure will requires no post print deburring or subtractive manufacturing, lending to greater dimensional consistency, at a more affordable cost.  The angles of the above lattices are at 60, 45, 30, and even 15 degreesContinue reading “Self Supporting Lattice Designs”

Grain Structure Micrographs

Grain Structure Micrographs An understanding of your parts’ microstructure is critical for predicting performance. The above micrographs illustrate the microstructure of acicular alpha (white areas) in a transformed beta matrix (dark areas) with no continuous network of alpha at prior beta grain boundaries as printed, after HIP, or after Furnace Heat Treat. Let us helpContinue reading “Grain Structure Micrographs”