Success Stories

Success Stories

At Watershed, we leverage our knowledge and experience to incubate ideas and facilitate innovation to benefit our clients. With our expertise in additive manufacturing, medical devices, regulatory submissions, and clinical design, we support you every step of the way. Whether it’s a titanium medical device or a supporting product, we bring ideas to market.

Watershed engineers are vastly experienced in our field and can complete projects quickly and efficiently covering all aspects of medical device R&D.

MedTech Company

Structural Encoding®

Structural Encoding® incorporates a method to embed data within any device in a way that can be read via medical imaging.

Stand-Alone Wedge Fixation System

Orthopedic wedges have long served the podiatry field but many lacked osteoconductive materials and latticed designs.

OmniplanarTM Screw

What if there was a uniplanar pedicle screw that worked in any angle? Well now there is!

Patient Focused Podiatry System

A prominent podiatry surgeon required our incubatory / acceleratory services for development of a custom device. 

Multicomponent Plating Locking Mechanism

Orthopedic plating systems often require a screw fixation feature that prevents screw back-out.

Next Generation Work Force Training

Watershed and our Strategic Partners believes in training the next generation work force.

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