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Structural Encoding®

Permanent Direct Marking For UDI Compliance

Structural Encoding® incorporates a method to embed data within any device in a way that can be read via medical imaging and is the only solution that allows the device to be identified after implantation without access to documentation or paperwork.

Decoding Process


Device Decoding made possible with iPhone app.

Advantages :
  • Remains readable within the patient
  • Definitive part traceability in vivo
  • Accurate recall traceability
  • Value added market differentiator
  • Compatible with sterile and non-sterile inventory

Multitude of Applications

X-Ray Images

Coming Soon

Secure Unique Device Identification

this plus this equal this


Linking the Physical with the Digital TM

emTRUTH’s block chain distribution ledger, combined with Watershed’s Structural Encoding, allows customers to have their additive manufactured products encoded and fully tracked with the security of Blockchain Technology.

Posterior Cervical System

Posterior Cervical Fusion and Spinal Laminectomy System

Featuring translational and omni-planer polyaxial screws Coming early 2020 for licensing and distribution deals.

Look for more details at NASS 2019.


Patient Focused Podiatry System

Innovative approach to a common podiatry surgery to improve patient satisfaction and reduce potential revision surgeries.

Coming early 2020 for licensing and distribution deals.
Look for more details at ACFAS 2020.


Next Generation Work Force Training

Public-Private Partnerships Shaping Next Generation of Medical Device Design

Watershed Idea Foundry staff and guest surgeons, engage in public -private partnerships with Universities to train the next wave of science and engineering students in the principles of biomedical and product device design. Orthopedic design courses, sponsored design projects, and mentoring are all incorporated into Watersheds partnerships


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