We are a Foundry for idea innovation

Watershed™ is an idea foundry created by Fountainhead Investment Partners that is focused on biomedical growth and innovation. Watershed's purpose is to forge promising ideas into viable intellectual property and products ready for the marketplace, ultimately creating profitable businesses.

The foundry provides an environment where talent and innovation are funded, nurtured, and guided to create a turning point for ideas.

Game changing ideas
Expert execution

Watershed brings together technology, expertise, funding, and entrepreneurs to create unique products in an agile, virtual environment. Whether a company has a concept to explore or an entrepreneur requires assistance in turning intellectual property into a viable business, Watershed offers industry experts from around the globe to guide entrepreneurial ideas.


Proof of Concept - Provide hands-on engineering and manufacturing expertise to turn ideas into proof of concept demonstrations

Manufacturing Demonstration - Showcase product and device manufacturing through a variety of technologies including additive manufacturing and CNC machining

Quality and Process Management Procedures - Develop quality control and process management procedures for optimal manufacturing and production

Additive Manufacturing Design and Feature Creation - Development of organic geometries compatible with the latest laser powder bed technologies

Patent Portfolio Development - Create patent portfolios around specific technologies

Regulatory Consulting - Guidance through regulatory requirements and compliance

Funding Readiness - Preparing company and products for investment rounds

Product Development - Engineering design, manufacturing and product development to carry concept through production

Concept Commercialization - Evaluate and recommend marketplace and commercial opportunities for intellectual property and products, including go-to-market consulting

Corporate Structure - Consulting around corporate structure and efficiencies for optimal growth, production, and margins